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An Old Fashioned Butcher Shop

Your Source for High-Quality and Exotic Meats

Treat yourself to our high-end product from Lil' Town Butcher. We offer a large selection of quality meats including beef, poultry, pork, exotics, and fish.

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Sourcing From an Established Supplier

Lil' Town Butcher supplies meat from the Midwest, particularly from The Greater Omaha Packing Company. G.O.P. has been established since 1920. They have perfected their methods over decades to supply superior products to their customers.

All-Natural Meats

We offer prime grade and choice grade meat without any sodium nitrates or solutions added.


Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

At Lil' Town Butcher, you’ll enter as a stranger and leave as a friend. We strive to provide a customer experience that is second to none so that you’ll have an excellent time at our store.

Don’t forget about your Fur Babies

Lil' Town Butcher also carries a high quality all natural dog food, including an assortment of bones. Don’t forget to grab some for Marli

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